Frequently Asked Questions

How soon after surgery can a patient be fitted for a prosthesis or post-mastectomy bra? 

A non-weighted form can be worn immediately after surgery. Fitting of a weighted external breast prosthesis is dependent on proper healing after surgery. While everyone is different, the typical time frame is six to eight weeks after breast removal surgery, allowing for removal of drains, reduction of post surgical swelling and complete healing of surgical scars.

Is a prescription required?

Yes, if you are seeking insurance reimbursement.

What is a post-mastectomy bra?

A post mastectomy bra is a unique garment that is designed and manufactured to hold a breast prosthesis in place.

What makes a post-mastectomy bra different from fashion bras?

A post-mastectomy bra looks and feels like a traditional bra, but has several very special characteristics that are unique and specific for use after a mastectomy. Manufactured with an integral pocket which holds the external breast prosthesis in place,  straps and bands are wider, cups are usually fuller to accommodate the external breast prosthesis and the midpoint is higher for support against the chest wall.

What types of external breast prosthesis are available?

There are several types of prostheses available depending on surgery type and medical necessity.

 — External silicone breast prosthesis: a  silicone external breast prosthesis intended to replace surgically removed breast tissue and restore shape, weight and physiological symmetry.

 — Non-silicone breast prosthesis: a breast form made from a variety of non-silicone materials.

  — Custom breast prosthesis:  Using CAD/CAM scanning technology or  traditional casting methods, a custom breast prosthesis is an external breast prosthesis made according to the specific anatomical & physiological characteristic of each individual.

  — Attachable breast form: a self-adhesive breast form that attaches securely to the chest wall. Attachment is maintained by adhesive strips, silicone based adhesion or magnets.

  — Camisole with integrated form:  a non-removable breast form that fits into a camisole garment. Post-surgical camisoles are often worn immediately following breast removal or reconstruction surgery or during radiation therapy.

  — Partial, shaper or shell prosthesis:  a breast form made of foam, fiberfill or silicone. Used with breast conserving surgeries (BCS)this type of breast prosthesis is worn over your remaining breast tissue to compensate for tissue removal.  Also these are used for compensation regarding non surgical physiological asymmetry.