TF201 TRANSFORM SUPERSOFT® Full Oval Breast Form

These ultra-soft silicone breast forms are softer and drape more than our standard TRANSFORM® line of silicone forms. They have our unique internal nipple to replicate the natural breast and they are symmetrical for an easy fit. Ovals can be turned in different directions so they can be worn in strapless and halter bras. “Full” means that the forms stay thicker toward the edges of the form, lots of fullness through the wing. (Compared to the Standard or TRANSFORM SUPERPERK® tapered ovals which taper off and get thinner through the wing.) Choose a “full” oval if you want fullness up the chest or on the side. Choose a “tapered” oval if you want a more subtle transition from the form to your natural tissue.



Sizes: 1-10

Colors: Beige and Soft Sable

Gel: SUPERSOFT® gel with thinner, more supple polyurethane skin

Nipple: Internal, medium color


  • Symmetrical to fit either side of the body
  • Can be turned in different directions for the best fit and fullness. Sideways is great for strapless dresses, and vertically is great for halter tops.
  • Ultra soft gel and supple skin to match the “drape” of a natural breast
  • Sold in pairs only

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