Forever Pink Services


Forever Pink is committed to helping women adjust to the changes brought about by breast cancer.

Changes to one’s body image are difficult for most women. We all require care to adjust to change. We are here to offer options, choices, and emotional support to help you through this process. Forever Pink provides the services and the environment where you can find the products you need to restore your body image with respect, privacy, and support.

To give our patients the best possible experience, we offer many different services such as:

Breast Prosthesis

 – We have silicone and non-silicone prostheses for patients after they have had a mastectomy and partial prostheses for lumpectomies, congenital abnormalities, or other conditions. We offer a variety of bras, breast froms, camisoles, and mastectomy accessories. To view our complete line of products, please click here.

Mastectomy Fitting

 – We offer specialty bra fitting services for women who have had a mastectomy or a lumpectomy. All of our fitters are BOC certified.

On-Line Scheduling

 – For your convenience, on-line scheduling for mastectomy fitting and general consultations.

In-Home Consultations

 – If our patient is not able to travel, we can meet the patient in the comfort of their home .


 – If the patient needs transportation to or from our office, we will pick them up as well as take them home.